This is my face

Isn't it lovely? I'm a designer, developer and advocate for mental health discourse in tech. I'm specifically interested in design's role and impact on mental health (spoiler, right now, we fucking suck at it) and improving design processes through mindful principles, inclusive research and Actually Doing Our Fucking Job.

I believe that technology—and by proxy, design—should democratise and that late-stage tech-capitalism is an absolute shitshow. Thusly, I only take on design projects with socially conscious founders who don't place profit above all else.

Six Very important Facts About Scott Riley

Haunter is my favourite Pokemon.

I put the milk in first when I make tea because fuck you I do what I want.

I build guitars for charity because I’m just so super nice.

Cereal is very important to me.

As a kid I wanted to be ‘God, or the drummer from The Commitments’ when I grew up.

I don’t want to be God anymore.