I don’t speak at conferences anymore because they’re full of boring as fuck straight white dudes. If you’re running an event, pay someone who isn’t a boring as fuck straight white dude to speak.

Previous Talks


‘Re-learning To Love The Web’ / Dublin / 2015

I spoke about falling in and out of love with the web. My talk featured a live demo where I made a cosmic world generate on screen by playing guitar at some JavaScript. I had to open for Aaron fucking Draplin. It was fun.

Second Wednesday

‘This Is Your Brain On Games’ / Nottingham / 2015

I spoke about dopamine and Pokémon, how our brains respond to reward and challenges, and how we can use concepts from games to create better interfaces and interactions.


‘You’re Probably A Designer’ / Leeds / 2014

I spoke about dopamine and Pokémon. Again. I also spoke about how front-end developers constantly make design decisions whether they know it or not.


‘Gamify Everything’ / Bristol / 2013

I spoke about the general principles of gamification and how they can be applied to products and interfaces to make users happy as fuck.