What I Do

I plan, design, build, test and iterate on digital products and sites for socially-conscious people with exciting ideas and wonderful stories to tell. I'm currently accepting work for early-stage design projects, working directly with founders to turn ideas into useful, mindful products.

The sharpies and post-it stuff

Ethnography & Research / Storyboarding / Wireframing & Prototyping

The best ideas need time, research, discussion, and lots of scribbling. Exploring the problem space our work exists in and conducting diverse, broad research puts us in the best position to make impactful shit. I strongly believe that a project is only as good as its foundations.

The hipster designery stuff

Design Systems / Icon Design / Typography & Grids

My approach to UI design revolves around ensuring design decisions and principles can carry through to a complete system. I never design solely in the context of static screens and do a lot of work to create robust, reusable elements.

The click, tap & bounce stuff

Interaction Design / Animations / Interactive Prototyping

Interaction design is my biggest area of expertise. Designing the ‘in-betweens’ is a vital part of my approach to design. Sculpting the tiny elements surrounding an interface’s interactions to create conversations and reduce cognitive load is My Shit™.

The shouting at browsers stuff

Frontend / React & Redux Prototyping / API Integration

I love bringing ideas to life in the browser. I’m super comfortable working with React, Vue.js and Redux to build interfaces and websites, whether it’s a simple, performant marketing site or a big, fancy interface talking to multiple APIs.

The making shit better stuff

Qualitative Testing / Rapid Iteration / Feature Enhancement

No one launches a perfect product first-time. I think it's important to be available after launch to look where a product can be improved over time. While I offer the most value in early-stage work - taking an idea through to a 'V1' - I'm more than happy to stick around post-launch.